Class CreateDecimalFormat

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    public class CreateDecimalFormat
    extends HelperMethod
    HelperMethod that creates a DecimalFormat DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat( numberFormat ) with setParseBigDecimal set to true.
    Sjaak Derksen
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      • CreateDecimalFormat

        public CreateDecimalFormat​(TypeFactory typeFactory)
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      • getImportTypes

        public Set<Type> getImportTypes()
        Description copied from class: HelperMethod
        Returns the types used by this method for which import statements need to be generated. Defaults to the empty set. To be overridden by implementations in case they make use of additional types (note that the parameter and return type don't need to be added).
        getImportTypes in class HelperMethod
        the types used by this method for which import statements need to be generated
      • getParameter

        public Parameter getParameter()
        Description copied from class: HelperMethod
        There's currently only one parameter foreseen instead of a list of parameter
        Specified by:
        getParameter in class HelperMethod
        the parameter
      • getReturnType

        public Type getReturnType()
        Description copied from interface: Method
        Returns the return type of the method
        return type
      • getOptions

        public MappingMethodOptions getOptions()
        the mapping options for this method
      • describe

        public String describe()
        the short name for error messages when verbose, full name when not