Class MethodMatcher

  • public class MethodMatcher
    extends Object
    SourceMethodMatcher $8.4 of the JavaLanguage specification describes a method body as such:
     SourceMethodDeclaration: SourceMethodHeader SourceMethodBody
     SourceMethodHeader: SourceMethodModifiers TypeParameters Result SourceMethodDeclarator Throws
     SourceMethodDeclarator: Identifier ( FormalParameterList )
     example <T extends String & Serializable>  T   getResult(? extends T) throws Exception
             \-------------------------------/ \-/            \---------/
                   TypeParameters             Result        ParameterList
    Matches a given method with given ParameterList and Result type obeying the constraints in the TypeParameters block.

    For more info on java-generics:

    The following situations is not supported / tested:

    1. Multiple bounds were the bound itself is again a generic type.
    Sjaak Derksen