Class MethodSelectors

  • public class MethodSelectors
    extends Object
    Applies all known MethodSelectors in order.
    Sjaak Derksen
    • Method Detail

      • getMatchingMethods

        public <T extends MethodList<SelectedMethod<T>> getMatchingMethods​(Method mappingMethod,
                                                                             List<T> methods,
                                                                             List<Type> sourceTypes,
                                                                             Type mappingTargetType,
                                                                             Type returnType,
                                                                             SelectionCriteria criteria)
        Selects those methods which match the given types and other criteria
        Type Parameters:
        T - either SourceMethod or BuiltInMethod
        mappingMethod - mapping method, defined in Mapper for which this selection is carried out
        methods - list of available methods
        sourceTypes - parameter type(s) that should be matched
        mappingTargetType - the mapping target type that should be matched
        returnType - return type that should be matched
        criteria - criteria used in the selection process
        list of methods that passes the matching process