Class RoundContext

  • public class RoundContext
    extends Object
    Keeps contextual data in the scope of one annotation processing round.
    Gunnar Morling
    • Method Detail

      • addTypeReadyForProcessing

        public void addTypeReadyForProcessing​(TypeMirror type)
        Marks the given type as being ready for further processing.
        type - the type that is ready for further processing by MapStruct
      • isReadyForProcessing

        public boolean isReadyForProcessing​(TypeMirror type)
        Whether the given type has been found to be ready for further processing or not. This is the case if the type's hierarchy is complete (no super-types need to be generated by other processors) and no processors have signaled the intention to amend the given type.
        type - the typed to be checked for its readiness
        true when the type is ready to be processed by MapStruct
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