Class Strings

  • public class Strings
    extends Object
    Helper class for dealing with strings.
    Gunnar Morling
    • Method Detail

      • capitalize

        public static String capitalize​(String string)
      • decapitalize

        public static String decapitalize​(String string)
      • joinAndCamelize

        public static String joinAndCamelize​(Iterable<?> iterable)
      • isEmpty

        public static boolean isEmpty​(String string)
      • isNotEmpty

        public static boolean isNotEmpty​(String string)
      • getSafeVariableName

        public static String getSafeVariableName​(String name,
                                                 String... existingVariableNames)
      • getSafeVariableName

        public static String getSafeVariableName​(String name,
                                                 Collection<String> existingVariableNames)
        Returns a variable name which doesn't conflict with the given variable names existing in the same scope and the Java keywords.
        name - the name to get a safe version for
        existingVariableNames - the names of other variables existing in the same scope
        a variable name based on the given original name, not conflicting with any of the given other names or any Java keyword; starting with a lower-case letter
      • sanitizeIdentifierName

        public static String sanitizeIdentifierName​(String identifier)
        identifier - identifier to sanitize
        the identifier without any characters that are not allowed as part of a Java identifier.
      • stubPropertyName

        public static String stubPropertyName​(String fullyQualifiedName)
        Returns a stub property name from full class name by stripping away the package and decapitalizing the name For example will return fooBar for class name
        fullyQualifiedName - fully qualified class name, such as
        stup property name, such as fooBar