Class FreeBuilderAccessorNamingStrategy

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    @Experimental("The FreeBuilder accessor naming strategy might change in a subsequent release")
    public class FreeBuilderAccessorNamingStrategy
    extends DefaultAccessorNamingStrategy
    Accessor naming strategy for FreeBuilder. FreeBuilder adds a lot of other methods that can be considered as fluent setters. Such as:
    • from(Target)
    • mapXXX(UnaryOperator)
    • mutateXXX(Consumer)
    • mergeFrom(Target)
    • mergeFrom(Target.Builder)

    When the JavaBean convention is not used with FreeBuilder then the getters are non-standard and MapStruct won't recognize them. Therefore, one needs to use the JavaBean convention in which the fluent setters start with set.

    Filip Hrisafov