Class IntrospectorUtils

  • public class IntrospectorUtils
    extends Object
    Utilities for tools to learn about the properties, events, and methods supported by a target Java Bean. It is mainly needed to avoid using Introspector class which is part of java.desktop module from java 9, thus avoiding pulling a module ( of around 10 MB ) for using a single class.
    Saheb Preet Singh
    • Method Detail

      • decapitalize

        public static String decapitalize​(String name)
        Utility method to take a string and convert it to normal Java variable name capitalization. This normally means converting the first character from upper case to lower case, but in the (unusual) special case when there is more than one character and both the first and second characters are upper case, we leave it alone.

        Thus "FooBah" becomes "fooBah" and "X" becomes "x", but "URL" stays as "URL".

        name - The string to be decapitalized.
        The decapitalized version of the string.