Class IterableCreation

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    public class IterableCreation
    extends ModelElement
    Model element that can be used to create a type of Iterable or Map. If an implementation type is used and the target type has a constructor with int as parameter and the source parameter is of Collection, Map or Array type then MapStruct will use that constructor with the size / length from the source parameter.
    Filip Hrisafov
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      • getResultType

        public Type getResultType()
      • getSourceParameter

        public Parameter getSourceParameter()
      • isCanUseSize

        public boolean isCanUseSize()
      • isLoadFactorAdjustment

        public boolean isLoadFactorAdjustment()
      • getImportTypes

        public Set<Type> getImportTypes()
        Description copied from class: ModelElement
        Returns a set containing those Types referenced by this model element for which an import statement needs to be declared.
        Specified by:
        getImportTypes in class ModelElement
        A set with type referenced by this model element. Must not be null.
      • getEnumSetElementType

        public Type getEnumSetElementType()
      • isEnumSet

        public boolean isEnumSet()