Class ExistingInstanceSetterWrapperForCollectionsAndMaps

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Assignment, Writable

    public class ExistingInstanceSetterWrapperForCollectionsAndMaps
    extends SetterWrapperForCollectionsAndMapsWithNullCheck
    This wrapper handles the situation where an assignment is done for an update method. In case of a pre-existing target the wrapper checks if there is a collection or map initialized on the target bean (not null). If so it uses the addAll (for collections) or putAll (for maps). The collection / map is cleared in case of a pre-existing target MappingTargetbefore adding the source entries. If there is no pre-existing target, or the target Collection / Map is not initialized (null) the setter is used to create a new Collection / Map with the copy constructor.
    Sjaak Derksen
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExistingInstanceSetterWrapperForCollectionsAndMaps

        public ExistingInstanceSetterWrapperForCollectionsAndMaps​(Assignment decoratedAssignment,
                                                                  List<Type> thrownTypesToExclude,
                                                                  Type targetType,
                                                                  org.mapstruct.ap.internal.gem.NullValueCheckStrategyGem nvcs,
                                                                  org.mapstruct.ap.internal.gem.NullValuePropertyMappingStrategyGem nvpms,
                                                                  TypeFactory typeFactory,
                                                                  boolean fieldAssignment)
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      • isIncludeElseBranch

        public boolean isIncludeElseBranch()
      • isMapNullToDefault

        public boolean isMapNullToDefault()