Interface Assignment

    • Method Detail

      • getImportTypes

        Set<Type> getImportTypes()
        returns all types required as import by the assignment statement.
        imported types
      • getThrownTypes

        List<Type> getThrownTypes()
        returns all types exception types thrown by this assignment.
        exceptions thrown
      • setAssignment

        void setAssignment​(Assignment assignment)
        An assignment in itself can wrap another assignment. E.g.:
        • a MethodReference can wrap a TypeConversion, another MethodReference and ultimately a Simple
        • a TypeConversion can wrap a MethodReference, and ultimately a Simple
        assignment - the assignment to set
      • getSourceReference

        String getSourceReference()
        the source reference being a source-getter, a constant, nested method call, etc.
        source reference
      • isSourceReferenceParameter

        boolean isSourceReferenceParameter()
        true when the source reference is the source parameter (and not a property of the source parameter type)
      • getSourcePresenceCheckerReference

        PresenceCheck getSourcePresenceCheckerReference()
        the source presence checker reference
        source reference
      • getSourceType

        Type getSourceType()
        the source type used in the matching process
        source type (can be null)
      • createUniqueVarName

        String createUniqueVarName​(String desiredName)
        Creates an unique safe (local) variable name.
        desiredName - the desired name
        the desired name, made unique in the scope of the bean mapping.
      • getSourceParameterName

        String getSourceParameterName()
        Returns the source parameter name, to which this assignment applies. Note: the source parameter itself might be mapped by this assignment, or one of its properties
        the source parameter name
      • setSourceLocalVarName

        void setSourceLocalVarName​(String sourceLocalVarName)
        Replaces the sourceReference at the call site in the assignment in the template with this sourceLocalVarName. The sourceLocalVarName can subsequently be used for e.g. null checking.
        sourceLocalVarName - source local variable name
      • getSourceLoopVarName

        String getSourceLoopVarName()
        See getSourceLoopVarName() (java.lang.String) }
        loop variable (can be null if not set)
      • setSourceLoopVarName

        void setSourceLoopVarName​(String sourceLoopVarName)
        Replaces the sourceLocalVar or sourceReference at the call site in the assignment in the template with this sourceLoopVarName. The sourceLocalVar can subsequently be used for e.g. null checking.
        sourceLoopVarName - loop variable
      • isCallingUpdateMethod

        boolean isCallingUpdateMethod()