Class GetterWrapperForCollectionsAndMaps

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Assignment, Writable

    public class GetterWrapperForCollectionsAndMaps
    extends WrapperForCollectionsAndMaps
    This wrapper handles the situation were an assignment must be done via a target getter method because there is no setter available. The wrapper checks if there is an collection or map initialized on the target bean (not null). If so it uses the addAll (for collections) or putAll (for maps). The collection / map is cleared in case of a pre-existing target MappingTargetbefore adding the source entries. The goal is that the same collection / map is used as target. Nothing can be added if the getter on the target returns null.
    Sjaak Derksen
    • Constructor Detail

      • GetterWrapperForCollectionsAndMaps

        public GetterWrapperForCollectionsAndMaps​(Assignment decoratedAssignment,
                                                  List<Type> thrownTypesToExclude,
                                                  Type targetType,
                                                  boolean fieldAssignment)
        decoratedAssignment - source RHS
        thrownTypesToExclude - set of types to exclude from re-throwing
        targetType - the target type
        fieldAssignment - true when this the assignment is to a field rather than via accessors
    • Method Detail

      • getImportTypes

        public Set<Type> getImportTypes()
        Description copied from class: ModelElement
        Returns a set containing those Types referenced by this model element for which an import statement needs to be declared.
        Specified by:
        getImportTypes in interface Assignment
        getImportTypes in class AssignmentWrapper
        A set with type referenced by this model element. Must not be null.