Class TargetReference

  • public class TargetReference
    extends Object
    This class describes the target side of a property mapping.

    It contains the target parameter, and all individual (nested) property entries. So consider the following mapping method:

     @Mapping(target = "propC", source = "in.propA.propB")
     TypeB mappingMethod(TypeA in);
    • parameter will describe in
    • propertyEntries[0] will describe propA
    • propertyEntries[1] will describe propB
    Sjaak Derksen
    • Method Detail

      • getPathProperties

        public List<String> getPathProperties()
      • getPropertyEntries

        public List<String> getPropertyEntries()
      • getElementNames

        public List<String> getElementNames()
      • getShallowestPropertyName

        public String getShallowestPropertyName()
        the property name on the shallowest nesting level
      • isNested

        public boolean isNested()