Class ParameterProvidedMethods

  • public class ParameterProvidedMethods
    extends Object
    Provides access to the SourceMethods that are provided by Context parameters of a Method and maintains the relationship between those methods and their originating parameter.
    Andreas Gudian
    • Method Detail

      • getAllProvidedMethodsInParameterOrder

        public List<SourceMethod> getAllProvidedMethodsInParameterOrder​(List<Parameter> orderedParameters)
        orderedParameters - The parameters of which the provided methods are to be returned.
        The methods provided by the given parameters in the order as defined by the parameter list, with the methods of each parameter ordered based on their definition in that parameter's type.
      • getParameterForProvidedMethod

        public Parameter getParameterForProvidedMethod​(Method method)
        method - The method for which the defining parameter is to be returned.
        The Parameter on which's type the provided method is defined, or null if the method was not defined on one of the tracked parameters.
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
        true, if no methods are provided by the tracked parameters or no parameters are tracked at all.