Class SelectionCriteria

  • public class SelectionCriteria
    extends Object
    This class groups the selection criteria in one class
    Sjaak Derksen
    • Method Detail

      • isObjectFactoryRequired

        public boolean isObjectFactoryRequired()
        true if factory methods should be selected, false otherwise.
      • isLifecycleCallbackRequired

        public boolean isLifecycleCallbackRequired()
        true if lifecycle callback methods should be selected, false otherwise.
      • isPresenceCheckRequired

        public boolean isPresenceCheckRequired()
        true if presence check methods should be selected, false otherwise
      • setIgnoreQualifiers

        public void setIgnoreQualifiers​(boolean ignoreQualifiers)
      • getQualifiedByNames

        public List<String> getQualifiedByNames()
      • getTargetPropertyName

        public String getTargetPropertyName()
      • getQualifyingResultType

        public TypeMirror getQualifyingResultType()
      • isPreferUpdateMapping

        public boolean isPreferUpdateMapping()
      • getSourceRHS

        public SourceRHS getSourceRHS()
      • setPreferUpdateMapping

        public void setPreferUpdateMapping​(boolean preferUpdateMapping)
      • hasQualfiers

        public boolean hasQualfiers()
      • isAllowDirect

        public boolean isAllowDirect()
      • isAllowConversion

        public boolean isAllowConversion()
      • isAllowMappingMethod

        public boolean isAllowMappingMethod()
      • isAllow2Steps

        public boolean isAllow2Steps()
      • isSelfAllowed

        public boolean isSelfAllowed()