Interface ModelElementProcessor<P,​R>

    • Method Detail

      • process

        R process​(ModelElementProcessor.ProcessorContext context,
                  TypeElement mapperTypeElement,
                  P sourceModel)
        Processes the given source element, representing a Java bean mapper in one form or another.
        context - Context providing common infrastructure objects.
        mapperTypeElement - The original type element from which the given mapper object is derived.
        sourceModel - The current representation of the bean mapper. Never null (the very first processor receives the original type element).
        The resulting representation of the bean mapper; may be the same as the source representation, e.g. if a given implementation just performs some sort of validity check. Implementations must never return null except for the very last processor which generates the resulting Java source file.
      • getPriority

        int getPriority()
        Returns the priority value of this processor which must be between 1 (highest priority) and 10000 (lowest priority). Processors are invoked in order from highest to lowest priority, starting with the mapping method retrieval processor (priority 1) and finishing with the code generation processor (priority 10000). Processors working on the built Mapper model must have a priority > 1000.
        The priority value of this processor.