MapStruct 1.4.0.Beta2 is out

Today we release a new beta version of MapStruct 1.4.0. We are very happy to have received good feedback from our users. However, it is like always when writing software bugs are made and are there to be solved. So what did we tackle in 1.4.0.Beta2

  • Improve performance for 2 step mapping methods
  • Having 2 step mapping methods, based on a generic -in between- type. For example: source (String) -> Embeded mapStringToEmbeded(String s) -> List toSingleElementList( T e ) -> target (List)
  • Improved error messages for qualifiers

11 issues were fixed for this release.

Thanks to our MapStruct community for being vigilant. The MapStruct authors: Filip Hrisafov, Christian Bandowski, Andrei Arlou and Sjaak Derksen.

Thank you everyone for all your hard work!


This concludes our tour through MapStruct 1.4 Beta2. If you’d like to try out the features described above, you can fetch the new release from Maven Central using the following GAV coordinates:

Alternatively, you can get ZIP and TAR.GZ distribution bundles - containing all the JARs, documentation etc. - from GitHub.

If you run into any trouble or would like to report a bug, feature request or similar, use the following channels to get in touch:

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