MapStruct is brought to you by a helpful international community of open source enthusiasts. The following persons are contributing to the project:

Gunnar Morling is the original author of MapStruct and leads the project.

He is a long-time Java developer and open-source committer. He is part of the Hibernate team at Red Hat, where he works on Hibernate OGM, Validator and Search. You can follow him on Google+ and Twitter or check out his Blog.

Andreas Gudian was the first committer to join Gunnar in his efforts.

He is an experienced developer and architect for enterprise Java applications, where MapStruct can make a real difference. Andreas contributes to various open source projects and is also committer at the Apache Maven project.

Sjaak Derksen, enthusiastic first-hour user of MapStruct

He has well over 15 years of experience in Java / JEE development as architect, technical lead, developer and tester in the domain of Telecommunications. Sjaak started working more recently on spatial subsurface data interchange (e.g. Inspire, GML) where he believes MapStruct can be a true asset, reducing the amount of repetitive, error-prone work.

Filip Hrisafov, the newest member of the MapStruct team

He is a young Java developer and consultant, who uses MapStruct to help him in his daily work on Java enterprise applications. He is passionate about Open Source and contributes to various open source projects.