MapStruct 1.1.0.Beta2 released

It has been a while since the latest release of MapStruct. Via our mailing list, issue list and other channels we have received valuable feedback. We have tried to incorporate some of that feedback into a number of new features.

MapStruct 1.1.0.Beta2 introduces a number of popular requested features, like source presence check and nested target properties.

Today we release MapStruct 1.1.0.Beta2, containing fixes for most of the user-reported bugs:

  • Mapping of nested target properties.
  • Support of using hasXYZ presence checker methods instead of null checks on the source side of bean mappings. The presence checker naming convention can be overidden by providing a custom SPI implementation.
  • Extended support of java.text.NumberFormat for Number types to String mapping.
  • Provide OSGI-enabled jars.
  • Fix a compatibility issue with Eclipse Neon.

The complete list of closed issues can be found in the change log.

The MapStruct teams thanks: Sean Huang, and Ciaran Liedeman for their contribution!

What’s next?

We hope to release 1.1.0.CR1 in a short while (after the summer holidays).

Please also checkout our examples GitHub examples repository. It is still small but the intention is to make this a repository of typical mapping problems and how to solve them with MapStruct. Contributing good examples is appriciated.


To fetch MapStruct 1.1.0.Beta2 via Maven, Gradle or similar dependency management tools, use the following GAV coordinates:

Alternatively, you can download distribution bundles (ZIP, TAR.GZ) from SourceForge.

We hope that you’ll find the new features valuable.

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