MapStruct 1.1.0.CR1 released

MapStruct 1.1.0.CR1 consolodates the functionality introduced in the preceeding MapStruct 1.1.0 Beta releases. A number of bugs were solved:

  • Automatic generation of an iterable mapping methods where the property selection is based on a qualfier.
  • Collection source getter null check to avoid NullPointExceptions.
  • Missing imports for generic types in collections in generated methods.
  • Removing redundant code from generated code when using nested source properties.
  • Optimisation when using enum constant (using an enum constant instead of a String conversion).
  • Fixing order for dependsOn.
  • Fixing an issue introduced 1.1.0.Beta2 that causes problems for the @MappingTarget in combination with @InheritInverseConfiguration

The list of closed issues can be found in the change log.

Also, the documentation is improved on our AccessorNamingStrategy Service Provider Interface. An example has been added Examples repository to support the documentation.

Thanks to: Markus Heberling, and Filip Hrisafov for their contribution!

What’s next?

Our intent is to release 1.1.0.Final in two weeks from now. We’re having some small enhancements and bug fixes planned for that.

One more thing

MapStruct has been nominated for an award in the category “Most innovative contribution to the Java ecosystem” on JAX London – in case you’d like to cast a vote for your favourite bean mapping generator.


To fetch MapStruct 1.1.0.CR1 via Maven, Gradle or similar dependency management tools, use the following GAV coordinates:

Alternatively, you can download distribution bundles (ZIP, TAR.GZ) from SourceForge.

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