MapStruct 1.5.0.Final is out

I am very happy to announce the final release of MapStruct 1.5! This is our 5th major release since November 2015.

Besides bug fixes, the 1.5 release brings some new exicting features:

  • Support for mapping from Map<String, ???> to a bean
  • Conditional mapping
  • Support for subclass mapping
  • Support for Jakarta dependency injection

MapStruct 1.5.0.RC1 is out

I am very happy to announce the first release candidate of MapStruct 1.5!

This release provides mostly bug fixes and other smaller improvements since 1.5.0.Beta2.

  • Support for Jakarta dependency injection
  • Allow @InheritInverseConfiguration with @SubclassMapping(s)
  • Various small bug fixes and documentation clarifications

MapStruct Spring Extensions 0.1.1 released

It is my pleasure to announce the next official release of MapStruct Spring Extensions. What started out as a StackOverflow question turned into its own (sub-)project within the MapStruct organization.

This release fixes a bug related to dealing with array types as mapping sources or targets.

Including the annotations and extensions defined in this project will generate a class acting as bridge between MapStruct’s conventions and Spring’s ConversionService API that in turn can be added to any Mapper’s uses attribute. See the examples for details.