MapStruct 1.4.2.Final bug fix released

It is my pleasure to announce the 1.4.2.Final bug fix release of MapStruct.

This release includes 2 enhancements, 10 bug fixes, and some documentation fixes.

The most notable enhancement is the relaxing of the strictness for Mapping#qualifiedByName and Mapping#qualifier for collection mappings.


MapStruct Spring Extensions 0.0.1 released

It is my pleasure to announce the first official release of MapStruct Spring Extensions. What started out as a StackOverflow question over a year ago has turned into its own (sub-)project within the MapStruct organization.

This first release solves the issue described in the question linked above: How can we use MapStruct mappers defined as Spring Converters in a Spring-idiomatic way when building a hierarchy of them? Including the annotations and extensions defined in this project will generate a class acting as bridge between MapStruct’s conventions and Spring’s ConversionService API that in turn can be added to any Mapper’s uses attribute. See the examples for details.


MapStruct 1.4.1.Final bug fix released

It is my pleasure to announce the 1.4.1.Final bug fix release of MapStruct. Even though we did 3 Beta and 1 CR release we still managed to introduce some regressions.

This release includes 6 bug fixes.

The most notable fix is the support for the IntelliJ incremental annotation processing.


MapStruct 1.4.0.Final is out

Long overdue it is our pleasure to announce the final version MapStruct 1.4. This is our 4th release since november 2015.

Besides bug fixes, the 1.4 release brings some new exciting features:

  • Making use of constructor arguments when instantiating mapping targets
  • Support Gradle incremental annotation processing feature
  • Map nested bean properties to current target
  • Support value mapping between String and Enum
  • Support @Mapping in meta annotations
  • User control over mapping features (direct, method, conversion, 2step)
  • Support mapping from / to Java 14 records (preview feature)
  • New EnumTransformationStrategy and EnumNamingStrategy SPIs
  • Improve performance for 2 step mapping methods

MapStruct 1.4.0.CR1 released

I’m very happy to announce the first candidate release of MapStruct 1.4!

The CR1 release mostly provides bug fixes and other smaller improvements since the Beta 3, So what did we tackle in 1.4.0.RC1

  • Support for using a custom exception for an unexpected value mapping
  • Fix various bugs with generics and constructor mapping
  • Various small enhancements around error messages